ABOUT SerpentCross

About this site

SerpentCross is the Crygunner's cell. This is where the works of Velduanga, me, is placed and displayed for those who wish to view it. It is also the collective journal of my current and future projects.


Name: A. Almeida
SN: Velduanga
DOB: 1/12/1985
Location: New Jersey
Occupation: Student/Library Assistant

Currently enrolled in New Jersey Institute of Technology. Majoring in Information Technology concentration Multimedia. I am skilled in several media formats, including Graphic Design, Digital Music and Audio, and Digital Art. Current hobbies are MIDI and analog recording, drawing, and digital coloration.

About Me

I love music and drawing. And roller coasters. Favorite music genre is instrumentals. I also like anime. The art style I mean. I won't specify animes because I don't actually watch a lot of it. I mainly do CGed anime pics and write songs on my keyboard. I can do commisioned works, but unfortunately my schedule is usually hectic and must be negotiated thoroughly. Hopefully I might go pro one day, slowly but surely. For now I have this site and my work. Hope you folks enjoy what's here.


If you wish to contact me, you can reach me with the following:
CryGunner@netscape.net OR
Castle Paradox Forums: username(Velduanga)