This page refers to projects that use the OHRRPGCE.

Fate Of Nights: Tale Revelation

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Vicious Infinity

A girl going to the market. A powerful cult. And a planetary dragon. It ties together, somehow, just in the most unexpected way imaginable. It's just your typical cliche "girl gets her pendant stolen-girl travels to get it back-girl fights pissed off stellar guardian that was sealed in a hidden moon" storyline. Of course, that's not without your tangent-character story system.

Planning: 0%
Graphics: 0%
Data: 0%
I found my old notebook, going to process to reconvert it into a feasible project. Hopefully this game really will be released(really pushing for it). I have a page with almost all the character concepts here


I have here listed on titles I have written stories and defunct plans to. I may or may not ever get around to some of these projected games.

Critical Destinies-Light of the Spire
Critical Destinies-Havoc of Beast
Critical Destinies-Story Untold
Critical Destinies-Mind in the Edge

Garrose Entity: Hero's Decision

Angel Endstar*
(very more than likely not going to be created in OHRRPGCE)

The following are titles I have merely claimed, there are no complete/definite plans for any of these:

Fatal Reactions


Invaders from School